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Phase Documents* Comments

Project Zone website introduction: Creating a project
Version 1.0, January 2016

The Project Zone website is a project-related, restricted website. This document gives a short overview of the key functionalities.
AENEAS Articles of Association
Version of November 24th 2016

AENEAS Internal Regulations

Version of December 2nd 2015

These Internal Regulations are an extension of the Articles of Association of AENEAS.

Terms defined in the Articles of Association maintain their same meaning when used in the Internal Regulations and vice-versa.

The duration of the Internal Regulations is the same as that of the Articles of Association.

ECS Strategic Research Agenda

First ever joint Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) published in January 2018. Three European industry associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS, spanning the entire value chain, set out their vision for digital Europe, the key application areas, the R&D&I challenges and solutions.


This new ECS-SRA replaces the AENEAS Strategic Agenda.
Project Outline stage PENTA PO Annex
Version of December 2016
PDF version. An editable Word version is available in the project zone.

PENTA Letter of Intent (LoI)

Each partner in the project consortium can submit a Letter of Intent (LoI). This is an optional procedure.


This letter should be:

  • Printed on company paper
  • Signed by an authorised person 

The Letter of Intent can be uploaded in the partner's profile in the project (outline) on the Project Zone website

Full Project Proposal stage


Version of April 2016

PDF version. An editable Word version is available in the project zone.
Full Project Proposal stage


After labelling, a Project Consortium Agreement (PCA) must be signed by all partners. This details the co-operation between the project partners (contractors and subcontractors, where applicable). For some Public Authorities, the PCA - signed by all partners - is a prerequisite for funding.


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