Project zone
How to submit a Project Outline

The first stage for a consortium consists of responding to a Call for "Project Outlines" (PO). The PO must give a short overview of a project, mainly describing the project goals, innovation, targeted business impact and consortium. For the full list of criteria, please visit the selection criteria web page.

The PO is used for the pre-selection of proposals, preliminary information and budget discussions between the PENTA organisation and the respective Public Authorities and for general information exchange within the PENTA organisation. It enables an initial selection among the different submitted ideas, while keeping the workload of consortia to a minimum.


Submitting a Project Outline


Submitting a PO consists of four parts:  

  1. Provision of administrative proposal information via the PENTA Project Zone
  2. Provision of a textual description of the content of your proposal in a "PO Annex"; template which also needs to be uploaded to the Community website
  3. Completing an AENEAS membership application form

PENTA provides the PO-FPP Annex template (including guidelines), a Project Zone website intro document and the LoI template. All these documents can be downloaded from the Call documents page.


PO evaluation


POs are evaluated by the PENTA Technical Experts Group, the AENEAS Management Committee and the PENTA Public Authorities based on the selection criteria. Projects invited to submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP) will receive a list of recommendations and improvements in order to help the preparations for a good FPP.




For the current call calendar, please see Annual Calls.