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PENTA Call 1 completes its first evaluation cycle


PENTA Call 1 was launched in January 2016, and attracted initial project submissions adding up to over €175m and involving 10 countries. PENTA has implemented a rigorous evaluation process, with an in depth review at the Project Outline phase to ensure comprehensive feedback to projects as they proceeded to the FPP phase. Projects that were unable to meet the selection criteria were also advised of why the decision was reached and how this might be addressed in future calls. A similar process was employed at the FPP phase, and projects are now awaiting funding decisions in November.

The first call also saw the implementation of the PENTA FastTrack procedure. This is a mechanism by which projects seen to be of high technical value and with strong support from the respective funding authorities can be reviewed as an FPP only, with reviews taking place up to 4 times a year. Utilising this process can bring innovative ideas into the PENTA call cycle as early as possible and, if appropriate quality standards are met, allow Public Authorities to consider their funding at the earliest opportunity.