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 AENEAS and EUREKA Host Panel Session on Collaborative Innovation at ICT 2018 Conference


 CATRENE Project EAST Wins 2018 Innovation Award


 Industry Associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS Join Forces to Strengthen Their Impact in Domain of Electronic Components and Systems


 SERENE-IoT: Creating Secured Connected Healthcare Devices for Higher Patient Quality of Life at Lower Cost for Health Services


 SENSATION: New Technologies and Building Blocks for Machine Vision and Ultra-HDTV Broadcast


 ULIMPIA Enables Smart Body-Patches for Ultra-Sound Monitoring at Home


 EURIPIDES² and AENEAS Strengthen Cooperation to Foster Europe’s Long-Term Competitiveness in the Digital World


 ECS-SRA Executive Summary Highlights Research Priorities for Europe’s Digital Future


 CosmoDU: Bringing Intelligence to Electric Drives for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing


 EUREKA Hosts High-Profile Event Innovation Across Borders “Faster-Further-Together” on 26 Sep 2018


 AENEAS Welcomes New Chairpersons to its Technical Expert Group and Scientific Council


 PENTA and EURIPIDES² Announce a 2019 Synchronised Call


 SEMI Europe and AENEAS Collaborate to Support European Electronics Industry Growth


 Successful collaboration brings MASTER_3D a EUREKA Innovation Award in 2018


 Hyb-Man to Transform Production of Smart Electronic Systems Using 3D Manufacturing Methods


 Industry Associations Unveil First ECS-SRA Spanning the Full Value Chain


 DISPERSE Investigates Solutions for MRI Scanning of Patients with Multiple Implants


CATRENE Project MobiTrust wins 2017 Innovation Award


PENTA Call 3 Launch on December 5th 2017