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 PENTA and EURIPIDES² announce the 2020 Synchronised Call for Projects


 MIRS infrared-sensing technology platform cuts cost of infrared sensors for growing applications in mobile, digital lighting and automotive markets


 HADES project develops automated chip-level testing for safer, more reliable IoT systems at lower cost


 AENEAS and EUREKA Host Panel Session on Collaborative Innovation at ICT 2018 Conference


 CATRENE Project EAST Wins 2018 Innovation Award


 Industry Associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS Join Forces to Strengthen Their Impact in Domain of Electronic Components and Systems


 SERENE-IoT: Creating Secured Connected Healthcare Devices for Higher Patient Quality of Life at Lower Cost for Health Services


 SENSATION: New Technologies and Building Blocks for Machine Vision and Ultra-HDTV Broadcast


 ULIMPIA Enables Smart Body-Patches for Ultra-Sound Monitoring at Home


 EURIPIDES² and AENEAS Strengthen Cooperation to Foster Europe’s Long-Term Competitiveness in the Digital World


 ECS-SRA Executive Summary Highlights Research Priorities for Europe’s Digital Future


 CosmoDU: Bringing Intelligence to Electric Drives for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing


 EUREKA Hosts High-Profile Event Innovation Across Borders “Faster-Further-Together” on 26 Sep 2018


 AENEAS Welcomes New Chairpersons to its Technical Expert Group and Scientific Council


 PENTA and EURIPIDES² Announce a 2019 Synchronised Call


 SEMI Europe and AENEAS Collaborate to Support European Electronics Industry Growth


 Successful collaboration brings MASTER_3D a EUREKA Innovation Award in 2018


 Hyb-Man to Transform Production of Smart Electronic Systems Using 3D Manufacturing Methods


 Industry Associations Unveil First ECS-SRA Spanning the Full Value Chain


 DISPERSE Investigates Solutions for MRI Scanning of Patients with Multiple Implants


CATRENE Project MobiTrust wins 2017 Innovation Award


PENTA Call 3 Launch on December 5th 2017