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Funding and Participating Countries

The PENTA label is endorsed by all EUREKA Member Countries and financial support can be provided according to national funding procedures.

In order to prepare a successful proposal, you need to be aware that there may be significant differences in funding procedures. You must therefore make sure that your project proposal fits within national public authorities' priorities and funding rules before you submit it to PENTA.

National funding applications

National applications for funding should be submitted after PENTA labelling (or earlier dependent on national procedures). Since the deadline for such submissions varies from country to country, each project partner (or each consortium’s national contact person) should get in touch with the relevant public authority’s contact person well in advance to know the deadline, the information to be gathered and/or the forms to be filled in.


Take into account the following:

  • The PENTA label is a prerequisite to obtain funding from national public authorities, but a PENTA project label does not automatically ensure the funding of the project
  • Project partners must apply to their national public authority for funding
  • Each public authority will decide on a per partner basis and according to the relevant national funding rules whether to fund a project or not
  • Funding contracts are directly dealt with between each project partner and the relevant funding public authority
  • Each project partner is responsible for providing the relevant public authority with all information concerning their project according to the relevant funding rules
  • In addition to the FPP, PENTA will provide the relevant public authorities with any available information necessary for making funding decisions.

National funding contacts

PENTA provides contact details for various national funding contacts which support and coordinate the funding of PENTA projects. You can find the contact details of the funding contact by clicking on your country in the list below. National funding information are also available.

For countries not mentioned below, you should contact the appropriate EUREKA National Project Coordinator.


PENTA Sponsor Countries


  Belgium (Flanders)



  Belgium (Brussels)


 Francis Deprez                         



 Marianne Da Silva

+32 2 432 43 01

+32 2 600 50 20

Flanders funding information 



Innoviris funding information


Frederic Gilbert

+33 01 79 84 33 38

Informations sur le financement


Dr. Elisabeth Steimetz

Dr. Eike-Christian Spitzner

+49 30 310078-256
+ 49 351 486797 34


Local support for applicants from Saxony 

  Ireland Dr. Imelda Lambkin

+353 1 727 2665

National funding information
  The Netherlands

Ben Ruck


Bob van der Bijl

+31 6 15 88 62 82

+31 88 602 5965


Juan Miguel Ibáńez de Aldecoa Quintana


Juana Sánchez

+34 91 346 27 28

+34 91 581 56 07



INNOGLOBAL funding information

  Turkey Burak Tiftik




Participating Countries



Olaf Hartman                                                          

+43 5 7755 4902   

National funding information
  Finland Kari Leino

+358 29 5055698

Oxana Mercieca

+356 2542 3213

National Guidelines R&D

Funding options

Cristina Gouveia

+351 93 501 78 30



Interested Countries


Mr. Gergely Mészáros                                        

+36 1 896 3741

Randy Zadra 


Smart Cities Challenge    


Interested countries were involved as  PENTA developed and have indicated that they could look favourably at the situation if a company or other organisation in their country expressed a desire to become part of a PENTA consortium.