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Objectives & Benefits for Europe

The overarching objective of PENTA is to support European leadership, through developments in micro and nanoelectronics, in key application segments of the electronics market, thereby meeting present and future needs of industry and society. This will be measured through an assessment and analysis of market segments and the position of European based companies in those segments at the beginning and the end of the programme.


Connected objectives include:

  • Understand, document and prioritise current and developing market (value chain) segments, thereby allowing appropriate, targeted activity to maintain and develop the position of European based companies in prioritised segments;
  • Establish a network (market place) of technology companies across Europe, organised by value chain, that can be nurtured and supported through funding and mentoring, thereby enabling the opportunity for market leadership;
  • Develop and implement a project submission, evaluation and approval process that exceeds performance in best practices currently in place in similar collaboration instruments.


The impact from the successful introduction of the new Cluster will be multi-faceted and large. The overarching target is to ensure that the number of European companies having leadership positions in high priority market segments will increase over the duration of the new Cluster programme and beyond, thereby positioning Europe for improved economic and societal development.


Implementing the programme will also have other positive effects:

  • Clearer understanding of the developing market opportunities in the micro and nanoelectronics ecosystem;
  • Accelerated technology development activity in key value chain segments;
  • Enhanced visibility of, and cooperation between, technology companies and technology organisations across Europe;
  • High potential of “spin-in” and “spin-off” activities between the participants in a consortium;
  • Additional activity stimulated by the establishment of a “market place”, which will enhance the development of European technology and enable subsequent competitive exploitation.