Which programme should I submit my Project to?

PENTA and EURIPIDES² have agreed to synchronise their calls for 2019, 2020 and 2021. This contributes towards a simplification of the funding landscape and brings a wider range of countries and partners together through PENTA, EURIPIDES² and, where appropriate, co-labelled projects. It will clarify the funding choices that collaborative teams can access, help to standardise submission processes and provide high quality support to projects as they develop.

All proposals will be submitted through the PENTA and EURIPIDES² Project Zone, with applicants being given a simple choice in terms of which programme they are submitting their project to. Evaluation processes will be organised and coordinated depending on how the project is submitted.

This choice of instrument remains in the hands of the Project Leader who should obviously agree with all partners involved in the proposal. It is also highly recommended that full consultation takes place with the public authorities who are being asked to support the project as part of the application process.

In general, the choice should be made with regards to the community (PENTA or EURIPIDES²) involved. Specifically, regarding the domains:

  • PENTA addresses the whole electronics value chain from design, through device manufacture to applications
  • EURIPIDES² focusses on electronic systems, integration, packaging and reliability
  • Co-labelled proposals (PENTA/EURIPIDES² or EURIPIDES²/PENTA) should be chosen with the agreement of both PENTA and EURIPIDES² offices. The co-label is dedicated to a mixed funding approach (involving countries supporting only EURIPIDES² and not PENTA, and vice versa). The choice (PENTA/EURIPIDES² or EURIPIDES²/PENTA) will also depend on the overall project thematic taking into account the PENTA or EURIPIDES² scopes as stated above.

Before ticking the co-labelled box, partners must indicate why a co-label is requested and get an approval from the PENTA and EURIPIDES² support team.

In case do not hesitate to get in touch with PENTA and EURIPIDES² team to assist you in submitting your project proposal!

Project and Consortia characteristics

  • PENTA and EURIPIDES² support projects that can be set up quickly and implemented in a manner that matches the specific needs of the project objectives and the participants.
  • Focusing on small, faster and flexible projects, PENTA/ EURIPIDES² provide an opportunity to quickly take advantage of rapidly developing markets and their related value chains.
  • PENTA and EURIPIDES² support projects with the optimum, not the maximum, number of partners to achieve the defined goal in the most effective time frame, including non-European expertise when necessary.
  • In all projects, partners from a minimum number of two countries covering at least an essential section of the total value chain are required. One country must be a EUREKA Member and another one either a EUREKA Member/Partner country or a EUREKA Associated Country.
  • Project consortia can be composed of representatives from large industry, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research institutes, universities and user organisations (profit or non-profit).
  • PENTA and EURIPIDES² projects are industry driven, technically innovative and business oriented.
  • Detailed guidelines on the requirements for a project are contained in the Project Outline and Full Project proposal templates that can be accessed in the PENTA and EURIPIDES² Project Zone.

Two-stage Call process

  1. Producing a Project Outline (PO):
    The PO gives a short overview of a project, mainly to describe the project goals, innovation, targeted business impact and consortium. Project Outlines positively evaluated are invited for the second stage;
  2. Producing a Full Project Proposal (FPP):
    The FPP describes the project plan and how the project will be executed and managed. Approved FPPs will receive the label.

National Public Authorities are fully involved in the evaluation and labelling of projects. After labelling (or earlier dependent on national procedures), partners can apply for funding through their National Public Authorities. The PENTA label as well as the EURIPDES² label are endorsed by all EUREKA Member Countries.