Consortia with an approved Project Outline (PO) are invited to submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP). The FPP must detail the project content and describe the project plan and how the project will be executed and managed. Special attention should be paid to the recommendations and improvements made in the PO evaluation report from both the technical experts and Public Authorities.

While preparing the FPP, consortia are strongly encouraged to keep in touch with the Public Authorities in all participating countries in order to ensure that your proposal fits within each country’s priorities and funding rules. For contact details, go to the funding page.

Submitting a Full Project Proposal

Submitting a FPP consists of three parts:

  1. Provision of administrative information via the PENTA and EURIPIDES² Project Zone
  2. Provision of (an updated) textual description of the content of your proposal in an “FPP Annex” template which also needs to be uploaded to the Project Zone
  3. Completion of a (free of charge) AENEAS membership application or PENTA-EURIPIDES Project Declaration of Acceptance (link available in each partner page in the Project Zone)
  4. Completing the process of “merging” online and Annex information into a finalised FPP (this can be repeated multiple times up until the submission deadline)

The PENTA-EURIPIDES FPP Annex template (including guidelines), together with tutorials and support materials covering FPP submission can be downloaded from the Call documents page in the Project Zone.

PENTA and EURIPIDES² team members are available to assist you throughout the submission process

Full Project Proposal Evaluation

All submitted FPP’s are evaluated by a Technical Expert Group and the PENTA- EURIPIDES² Public Authorities based on the guidance given in the EURIPIDES² – PENTA FPP Annex and National Authority funding procedures.

Labelling and Funding

After the FPP evaluation processes have been completed joint meetings between the Public Authorities and the AENEAS-EURIPIDES² management teams will agree which projects should be given the EUREKA label and subsequently funded. After the label has been granted, National funding processes must be followed by all partners to finalise the necessary grant agreements before the project can start.

Starting a project

A project can start once the project leader has determined that the consortium is viable.

During the first year of the project, a Project Consortium Agreement (PCA) must be signed by all partners. This details the co-operation between the project partners (contractors and subcontractors, where applicable) and addresses important issues, such as IP. For some Public Authorities, the PCA – signed by all partners – is a prerequisite for funding.

See the Call documents page for a Model PCA.


For the current call calendar, please see Annual Calls.