After deciding which Cluster that the project will be submitted under (General Guidelines), the first stage for a consortium consists of responding to a Call for a “Project Outline” (PO). The PO must give a short overview of a project, mainly describing the project goals, innovation, targeted business impact and consortium. For the criteria that need to be fulfilled in a PO, see the General Guidelines section of this website. For co-labelled project submissions, reasons must be provided during the initial project submission as to why this approach has been selected.

The PO is a critical step, as it will be used by the technical experts and Public Authorities for the pre-selection of proposals and for general information exchange within the PENTA and/or EURIPIDES² organisations. It is therefore strongly recommended that project partners contact their respective Public Authority to ensure that they meet national criteria for a submission. The intent is to be able to make an initial selection among the different submitted ideas, while keeping the workload of consortia to a minimum.

Submitting a Project Outline

Submitting a PO consists of three parts:

  1. Provision of administrative proposal information via the PENTA and EURIPIDES² Project Zone
  2. Provision of a textual description of the content of your proposal in a “PO Annex”; template which also needs to be uploaded to the PENTA and EURIPIDES² Project Zone
  3. Merging the two components into a final submission

The PENTA- EURIPIDES PO Annex template (including guidelines), together with tutorials and support materials covering PO submission can be downloaded from the Call documents page in the Project Zone.

PENTA and EURIPIDES² team members are available to assist you throughout the submission process.

PO Evaluation

All submitted PO’s are evaluated by a Technical Expert Group and the PENTA-EURIPIDES Public Authorities, based on the guidance given in the PENTA-EURIPIDES PO Annex template and National Authority funding procedures.

Projects invited to submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP) will receive a Consolidated Feedback Report (CFR) containing requirements and recommendations for improvements from technical experts & Public Authorities in order to assist in the preparation of a high quality FPP.


For the current call calendar, please see the Annual Call page.