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PENTA – Representing the InterCluster Group in EUREKA

It has been a busy 6 months for InterCluster activities. Under the EUREKA Spanish Chairmanship, a wide range of initiatives have been undertaken including:

  • Co-Charing the Clusters Working Group – working with National Programme Coordinators to develop Clusters in the areas of: Impact Assessment, Communications, Cluster Monitoring, Data Exchange and Reporting and optimising Cluster work flows
  • Development of a strategic plan for InterCluster activities
  • Proposing innovative new ways of supporting new Cluster communities within the existing Cluster network
  • Improving the communications position of the Clusters – demonstrating their value to industry and National authorities
  • Establishing a clear and differentiated position for Clusters in the European funding landscape
  • Participating, on behalf of the all the Clusters, in EUREKA meetings – helping to set the strategy of the EUREK Network for the future


In addition, the Clusters work together, and with the Chair and Secretariat, to help organise major EUREKA events such as the Innovation Week, scheduled to take place May 15-19, in Barcelona.


It is vital that Clusters continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the industries that we serve. This requires us to look at new ways of working, improve efficiency and ensure we maintain relevance to National goals. By working together, the Clusters seek to develop this important capability and ensure it is matched to current and future needs.


In July 2017, the EUREKA Chair will rotate to Finland, and in parallel the InterCluster spokesperson role will transfer to ITEA, supported by Celtic Plus.