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ECS Brokerage Event 2020
Brussels 14-15 January 2020
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Dresden 27-29 January 2020
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Grenoble 09-13 March 2020
EURIPIDES²/ PENTA 2020 Joint Call: 16 project submissions- total project cost of €145m – 1120 Person Years

After the successful launch of the 2020 Joint Call, with 32 project outlines submitted and 19 invited to submit a Full Project Proposal, PENTA & EURIPIDES² were delighted to receive 16 project submissions, with a total project cost of €145m and 1120 Person Years.





The projects ranged in size from €1m to €25m and involved a total of just under 170 partners, of which 46% are SME’s. 15 countries remain engaged with the Call.

The project evaluation and funding process will be completed in September, with the intent of projects starting as early as possible in 2021.

 27 May 2020
ECSEL JU Symposium
Online 24 June 2020