Micro and nanoelectronics underpin the rapidly developing Digital Economy and are the cornerstone of key European & Global economic and societal developments. But only by working together will we, the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) community, overcome the enormous challenges facing us if we are to have a sustainable economy and society.

PENTA is specifically designed to appeal to all elements of the rapidly expanding ECS Community; Large Companies, SME’s, RTO’s and Universities by offering flexible funding opportunities in partnership with National governments. We catalyse the formation of ecosystems of organisations that will transform technology and show how it can be used in applications that will enable us to meet our economic and societal needs.

Applications that address new methods of mobility, support our ageing society, transform our farming efficiency, ensure manufacturing productivity and help meet national and international climate change goals are only a few examples of where we want to support you to make substantive progress, as part of a collaborative alliance.

Through events, calls, online tools and extensive support we want to help you meet partners that will allow you to develop both your ideas and organisations. We want to extend the State-of-the-Art but then use that technology to enable and exploit new applications that will create opportunity and growth for all the partners involved.

PENTA is a EUREKA cluster managed by AENEAS, an industrial Association dedicated to creating an environment that fosters technology development and business growth. AENEAS works with its sister organisations Inside and EPoSS, providing guidance on the challenges and opportunities for innovation along the electronics value chain through the ECS Strategic Research Agenda, together with a range of other activities.

PENTA occupies a unique position in the funding landscape, bridging national support programmes and large European Commission strategic programmes, such as KDT.