The TRUST-E project is developing the methodologies and processes for trustable electronic components, modules, and systems that can be used in automotive and aviation applications, and in industrial settings.  In this video Project Leader Kai Krieger, Siemens AG, explains why collaboration is so crucial to creating an impactful RD&I project.

In this interview from the Project Leader Leonard Puttjner, NXP Semiconductors, discover more about this project technical challenges and outcomes, as well as hear why it is beneficial for a large enterprise to participate in the collaborative projects consortia and be a part of PENTA programme.

The MANTIS Vision project focuses on broadcasting and security systems and aims to take current imaging applications to the next level by further improving image quality, combining imaging modalities, creating new functionality with Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Watch this video testimonial from Marcel Dijkema, Project Leader, Adimec, and Dirk Meier, Project Partner, IDEAS,

The IMAGINATION project aims to develop technologies and improved building blocks for the next generation of CMOS image sensors, signal processing, and transmission. Watch this video testimonial from Project Leader Klaas Jan Damstra, Grass Valley, and Project Partner Beerten Kleemans, Adimec.

The pAvIs project is developing innovative electronics and intelligent sensor systems for professional healthcare diagnostic and therapy applications such as scans and vital signs monitoring. Hear more about this project from project leader Mark van Helvoort, Philips.

PLANtAR aims to develop cost-efficient, miniaturized, networked, biodegradable monitoring electronics to help tackle one of the world’s biggest challenges: producing enough food over 9 billion people while also protecting the environment.

The SunRISE project aims at implementing a comprehensive security solution, concentrating on aspects and issues critical to future systems related to the internet of things (IoT).
Watch this video and hear Eduard Hoeberichts, CEO of Sandgrain, explaining the benefits of joining the SunRISE project consortium as an SME.

PENTA project SENSATION addresses the need for cameras with higher resolution, increased speed, and wider dynamic range and colour gamut to fulfil the needs of next- generation machine-vision and ultra-HDTV broadcast systems. Learn more with project leader Jochem Herrmann.

Learn more about CosmoDU, the Penta project that developed smart, integrated industrial drives with self-learning capabilities for connected systems.

What were the challenges? What is the impact? How did Penta support the development?

How is PENTA project Vivaldy developing efficient re-verification & re-validation strategies in the medical domain? During the first year review, the project demonstrated the automated fast configuration switching on the virtual test platform. Copyright Koninklijke Philips N.V

The HiPer project will develop an autoautomotive-grade HPVC computer system capable of handling level 5 autonomous driving and providing new electrical architectures which ensure sufficient compute power and the necessary communication interfaces.

Learn how to submit a successful 2021 Euripides² and Penta Call proposal.

The CAVIAR project will improve system-level image capture for medical diagnostics, sustainable agriculture, live television productions, and safety and security. Learn more how improved capture technology addresses key economic and societal challenges.

With the development of internet, mobile communications & the diversity of connected devices, protection and security against cybercrime is crucial. Learn how PENTA project MuSiC will secure critical services on shared networks.

Learn more about the impact EUREKA Network clusters EURIPIDES² and Penta have had through Calls for projects along the entire ECS value chain.

Remote healthcare is essential for health systems to manage patient capacity, now more than ever. Learn how the Penta project ULIMPIA is impacting our health thanks to collaborative innovation.

How is SERENE-IoT developing clinical prototype solutions for connected healthcare services and diagnosis at home?

Do you want to know how Penta project ULIMPIA has developed an ultra-sound diagnostic patch that continuously monitor vital body parameters to better take control of your health?

Do you want to know more about the Penta project DISPERSE? What are the outcomes and the impact of this project?

Do you want to know more about Penta programme?
This PENTA video guides you.