With the development of internet, mobile communications & the diversity of connected devices, protection and security against cybercrime is crucial. Learn how PENTA project MuSiC will secure critical services on shared networks.

Learn more about the impact EUREKA Network clusters EURIPIDES² and Penta have had through Calls for projects along the entire ECS value chain.

Remote healthcare is essential for health systems to manage patient capacity, now more than ever. Learn how the Penta project ULIMPIA is impacting our health thanks to collaborative innovation.

How is SERENE-IoT developing clinical prototype solutions for connected healthcare services and diagnosis at home?

Do you want to know how Penta project ULIMPIA has developed an ultra-sound diagnostic patch that continuously monitor vital body parameters to better take control of your health?

Do you want to know more about the Penta project DISPERSE? What are the outcomes and the impact of this project?

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This PENTA video guides you.